Michiana Pay It Forward Foundation

(formally Santa's Pantry)

Creating a Ripple Effect of Kindness in Todays Youth

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We Are Changing The World, One Student At A Time!

Our office/storage building has been sold and the new owner plans to rennovate without us in it. We desperately need a place to storage things and call home. Can you donate a space roughly 15ft by 15ft that has lights? Please contact Debbie if you can help at DebbieMicola@comcast.net

Pay It Forward....

Definition: To do an act of kindness for 1 - 3 others without expectation of return. If they ask how they can repay you, you ask them to "pay it forward" with a kind act to someone else, creating a ripple effect of kindness.

Giving Back Without Expectation Of Return....

"Why should I do something for someone if I don't get anything from it?"

This is an actual statement from a student when we first met them. That student has since went on to college, graduated and now teaches others about the Pay It Forward concept at their job! Sadly, we see this mindset in a lot of youth today. Our goal is to change that!

But The World Is Mean.....

In 2012 the surveys taken during our speaking engagements showed that 1 out of 4 students felt that our world was a mean place. 2018 showed us that 3 out of 4 students now feel this way. This is heartbreaking to hear! Students tell us that they feel this way because of the hate they see in the media and bullying at school. As we tell the students, if you don't SEE kindness then BE the kindness. Imagine what our world would be like if everyone did this!

I'm Broke, I Can't Pay It Forward....

This is the biggest misconception that we hear! Being kind doesn't cost money and it's something that every single one of us can do for someone else

Children Learn By Example

The best way to teach a child is by living by example. The Michiana Pay It Forward Foundation encourages this by offering "Pay It Forward Days" when volunteers join us in going out in the community and doing acts of kindness